PPC Account Audit

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PPCPundit audit reports provide a comprehensive analysis on your PPC campaigns. Our qualified professionals will review from fundamental concepts to core ppc strategies and how well they adhere to the best practices.

Fundamental Core Assessment Areas

  • Basic Account Structure (Campaign-ad group-keyword relationships)
  • Basic campaign and ad group settings
  • Keywords and Negative Keywords
  • Ad Texts
  • Landing Pages
  • Display Network and Site Exclusions
  • Conversion Tracking

Advanced Assessment Areas

  • Display Network Managed Placements
  • Display Network Image Ads
  • Location Targeting Strategy
  • Advanced Conversion Opportunities
  • Advanced Bidding Opportunities
  • Ad Preferences
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Implementation of new features (Advertising networks release new updates very frequently, we’ll review if you are actually taking advantage of them or missing on them)
  • Loads of FREE account performance improvement tips

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