5 Tips for Small Businesses to get Started with Adwords

By Vasu Paidi

I have come across many small business owners who start Adwords promotion with the great hope of increasing their business but end up saying “Adwords doesn’t work for us”. After reviewing multiple accounts, I found that most of them make common mistakes which result in drying up the budget or getting low quality leads. If small businesses setup Adwords campaign in the right-way, Adwords can turn into a very cost effective channel to increase business. Remember that PPC marketing is the cheapest way to encounter cash rich competitors.

Here are some tips for Small business to get started with Adwords.

  1. Campaign Structure Setup: Always have separate campaigns for different geographical areas, networks or combination of both. The reason being simple: Google has a number of ways to display your ads, Your ad can be displayed on Google(search), Google search partners (like Ask.com, AOL) or Google display network (Content websites which partner with Google). Each network has its own advantages, you must test the effectiveness of the campaign in these networks. As a result, you can adjust the budget of each campaign later based on the performance.
  2. Location and Languages Settings: Choose the right location and language settings for your campaign. This will help you to eliminate the unnecessary spending. There may be businesses who need to display their ads across the globe and in multiple languages, but this may be not sensible for most the of the small businesses. If you have a product that can be used only by people who speak Spanish, It is good practice to target only Spanish speaking audience. In this case, the English speaking traffic would prove to be a waste and result unnecessary eating up your budget. Similarly, you must choose locations where advertising can benefit your business. A New York based “coffee shop” ad won’t be of much use when it shows up for “coffee shop” related queries in California. If you business is in a city or two, Googles localization settings will save you a lot of money and bring in more targeted traffic. To make your campaign successful, you must always choose the precise locations where you want to run the ads.
  3. Ad groups setup: Try to setup many adgroups with highly targeted keywords. It is a good idea to develop unique themes for your adgroups and start putting up keywords. This way you can write Ads specific to that Ad group. These ads will be highly relevant for the searcher, thus increasing your chance of getting high CTR, quality score and better placement for your AD.
  4. Keyword Strategy: The most important step for your campaign success is selecting the right/winning keywords for your AD. Metrics like quality score, cost per click, conversions depend on the type of keywords we select. While broad match type keywords give your website more traffic, the quality score might be less. The exact match type keywords will generate less traffic, but a high CTR & quality score. The conversions can be higher with exact match type keywords. Testing is the only way to learn which match type is working great and generating conversions. Once we have the data, we can always optimize the campaign for better results.
  5. Work with a Professional: Adwords can be both your best friend and worst enemy. It all depends on how you manage it. If it is used correctly by spending appropriate time in developing and optimizing the campaign, you can get good business. At the same time, it can be a disaster and cost you considerably if you get it wrong.
I highly recommend working with a professional if you are using Adwords for the first time. There are a lot of things to setup and you definitely need assistance in analyzing the data generated during the campaign run. Once you get enough experience, it will become easy for you to manage the account.

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